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Directions to Overbrook Worship Center at 4987 W. Thompson Street



  1. From the West:  Travel east to 52nd Street, go to Thompson Street, one block north of Girard Avenue, travel two blocks east to 50th Street, park and walk to the door (blue house).  Note – 50th Street is one-way southbound.  One cannot come via Girard Avenue and then 50th Street (but St. Bernard Street can be used.)

  2. From the Northwest, take Lancaster Avenue east to 50th Street, go south to Thompson Street, park and walk five doors east on the north side of the street.

  3. From the Southwest, travel north via 52nd Street, or any other convenient street to the west, to Thompson Street, then continue as in 1 above.

  4. From the Southeast, e.g. from 48th Street (or another street to the east), go north to Lancaster Avenue. Travel west on Lancaster Avenue until 48th Street.  Continue west to the next traffic light at Thompson Street, bear left towards the end of the block.  Park and walk to 4987.

  5. If from the East, travel to Girard Avenue; go west until 48th Street.  Bear right on Lancaster Avenue.  Continue as in 4 above

Public Transit:

  • Via route 52, exit at Thompson Street (one block north of Girard Avenue), walk east two blocks to 4987.

  • Via route 15, exit at 49th Street or 51st Street; walk north one block to Thompson Street and then towards 50th.  Enter at 4987.  Note – there is NO trolley stop at 50th Street.

  • Via route 10, exit at 50th Street, walk south to the second stop sign, turn left on Thompson Street to 4987.

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