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Overbrook Worship Center History


In 2000, Elder Devon Roberts teamed with Elder Trevor Laing to transform their Bible study into a branch of Philadelphia's Southwest SDA Church.  This was under the pastoral leadership of Mark McCleary.  Two other branches started in the same time frame, United Mis­sion­ary, and Abundant Life.


The new church plant grew and eventually reached a membership of about 40.  It began to rent the Third Christian Church at 61st and Oxford Streets.  There was a conflict over leadership of that church and in the fallout the lease was terminated.  Worship reverted to the basement of Elder Robert’s home.  In 2004 Elder Roberts was led to a Pentecos­tal Church a few blocks away where a lease was secured.  This continued until 2012 when the majority of the members voted, after a campaign to do so by Pastor S.G. Camp­bell, to unite with the United Missionary congregation in East Lansdowne, which became its new name.  Thus Over­brook Park ceased to exist as a separate congregation.


Some people did not agree with the decision to merge, and quietly sought alternatives. 


When the idea of reviving the church was brought up, it was suggested by Elder Rob­erts that “Park” should be dropped from the name as, properly speaking, that re­ferred to the area to the west of Cobbs creek, and the church was not located there.  Bro­ther Harris thought that a new congregation should have a highly ecumenical name to facilitate evangelism, thus the name Overbrook Worship Center was formed.

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