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Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of the Overbrook Worship Center is to take the Three Angels Message to the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia through word and deed.


The Overbrook Worship Center envisions a neighborhood transformed into a population of loving citizens who respect God, each other, and their surroundings fully, sharing, help­ing, and building up their environment and each other.


The Overbrook Worship Center promotes traditional values and reverence for God, along with a contemporary style and aggressive outreach to the community.  This is done through written Platform Expectations, thus creating role models for attendees, con­stant thought to how unchurched people may respond to worship characteristics, and overt solicitation of input which is used for change and improvement.


Specific values include:

  • Reverence for God, His Word, and His sanctuary

  • Belief in the Holy Bible above all

  • Proclamation of the Three Angels’ Message

  • Exemplification of Spirit infillment by modest attire, comportment, and behavior.

  • Submission to the direction of the Holy Spirit in all of life’s decisions and pre­fer­ences.

  • Growth by coming closer to Christ in daily life and prayer

  • Discipleship by every member, sharing as well as worshipping

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