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What is The Great Hope?

About the Book

What does it take to live with hope amid epic-sized natural disasters, wars, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, political revolutions, constant awareness of global pain and dizzying information overload?

While facing a future with so many unknowns, we need to be reminded of the old maxim, ‘those who do not know history are bound to repeat it.’  But how can we ‘know’ our history?  Some wisdom from Albert Einstein comes to our aid: namely our great “need for holy curiosity”.  Holy curiosity drives us to understand our future –– and our present -- in the light of our past.   

The book you have here is a time-tested classic of both history and prophecy—exploring what God will do in the future in light of His past interaction with humanity. Although written more than a century ago, The Great Hope offers cutting-edge insights for the 21st century.  The author, Ellen White, is the most published woman of all time -- she wrote 40 books.  One of them was translated into more than 140 languages.

On this adventure you will:

  • discover what happened during the silent centuries of the Dark Ages

  • watch reformers amidst persecution boldly rising with liberating truths

  • understand why so many have become skeptical of organized religions

  • sense God’s interplay in the cosmic history and where you fit in

  • catch a glimpse of the most glorious picture ever portrayed to the human mind – the end of the human experience as we know it and the beginning of …

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